Core value

Core value

The core value of ASTER RM is to 'predict' the risks through social media and search data, not through the main assessment information of existing assessment systems. The principle is like this. First, we define terms related to money laundering. And, then, ASTER RM finds correlations between defined terms and terms extracted from social media. Let's take an example. If a customer's social media friend is identified as being involved in money laundering, he or she is considered to be more dangerous than usual customers. If the terms used by a social media friends have many words related to money laundering, ASTER RM considers him as more dangerous compared to others.

Tenspace's ASTER RM engine consists of two parts.

Ⅰ. PCN engine

Regarding PCN(Problem Child Network), its analysis process is divided into 3 stages.

First stage – direct problematic word DB (names, negative term, connection to IS, etc.)

Second stage – emotional (negative) terms database, which includes the terms normal in themselves but argots among the criminals

Third stage – implication word database (terms with complicated nuance like metaphoric or figurative ones)
In the PCN engine, data such as names, companies, etc., which should be paid attention first, are collected through 29 sites. That is, the PCN engine performs real time monitoring of 29 sites (Interpol wanted, State Department designated country list, etc.). The main sites monitored are as follows.

Ethnographic Customizing Server (Language, application of relevant country) : under constructing

Which language is applied? Aster RM composed the UI in seven languages of Arabic, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Turkish, based on English. In this regard, it analyzes news, blogs, etc., which are frequently exposed in hostile countries.

Ⅱ. TCM engine

Database (PCN DB) generated through PCN engine is used as learning material for ASTER AI engine.
This machine learning process is based on the T, C, and M models of the Aster engine.
That is, the T (Trust) index refers to a numerical value obtained by checking the integrity of information through comparison with PCN DB.
C (Communication) index refers to the numerical value checked through the words used among friends in social media (PCN secondary databases). If the second implication words are repeated, there is doubt about the money laundering.
The M (Management) index refers to a numerical value checked through words used by social friends of SNS account applicants (PCN second implication database, third emotional word DB).
Especially in case that frequent repetition of second implication words and third negative emotional words is checked, there exists a probability of money laundering.